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Specialized Services Department has always focused on providing innovative, cost effective solutions to its customers needs especially in the field of Insulation & Cladding, Fireproofing & Refractory services, design & erection of Scaffolding, surface preparation, wrapping & coating services.  Our main objective is to achieve a complete customer satisfaction and appreciation through quality works.  We have the flexibility to meet our customer’s specific needs.  Our expert team has executed and successfully completed major projects in KNPC Refineries, MEW, PIC, KOC, Equate, Joint Operations, etc. with our qualified & experienced pool of manpower such as Insulators, Fabricators, Fitters, Fireproofing & Refractory Castable Technicians, Scaffolders, blasters & painters.  We have a huge stock of British Standard Scaffolding materials, Cuplock System, etc. to meet the demanding huge industrial scaffolding requirements.  We have the advanced machineries for blasting & painting requirements which includes the state-of-the art Paint Booth machine to cater painting services. ISCO's Specialized Services Division (SSD) has accomplished more than 500,000 Sq Meter. of insulation, Wrapping and Coating, Refractory lining works. also it has achieved more than 2.5 Million Cubic Meter. Scaffolds and access system.


Insualtion, Fireproofing & Refractory Works:

We have the flexibility to meet our customer’s specific needs.  ISCO has provided expert team of Insulators, Fireproofing & Refractory Castable Technicians for industrial, commercial and marine applications.  Our experienced Supervisors execute the project to a safe and timely completion.  We have completed almost every possible form of  Insulation, Fireproofing & Refractory projects including Storage Tanks, Spheres, Heat Exchangers, Process Piping, Refrigeration Systems, Turbines, Evaporators, Boilers, Burner Heaters, Furnace, Structural Steel, Columns, etc.

The application of Thermal or Acoustic Insulation to process Piping & Equipments inclusive of protective coating and cladding constitute the core of our services offered.  The application of Fireproofing & Refractory include Vessel Skirts, Gunning, Casting, Ramming, Brick-lining, module lining in Stacks, Boilers, Furnaces & Fired Heaters.

We support Environment . Thermal & Acoustics



Scaffolding Works:

ISCO has been providing quality Scaffold to Industrial facilities and contractors since its inception.  During these years of our reputation as well as market place coverage has steadily grown. 

We have certified Scaffold Staff trained by “The Scaffolding Training Institute” and offer one of the industry’s most advance, scaffold training programs to our scaffolding workforce designed to exceed the new OSHA competent person requirements.  Our comprehensive hazard surveillance check-list and our Incident Injury, Near Miss Program keeps safety first.

Well experienced and skilled cross-trained employees provide our clients with faster start-up in emergency shut downs or routine maintenance situation.  Ample inventory of scaffold equipments strategically positioned at our distribution location provides the necessary equipment efficiency.

Services offered including consultancy, design, installation, rental and removal of all types of access scaffolding.  All installations are designed, installed, inspected and maintained in accordance with the requirements of BS 1139, BS 2037, BS 5973, BS EN 39 : 2001, BS 5974 : 2010.

Surface Preparation, Painting & Fiber Glass Lining Works:

Our services include surface preparation by sand, grit, garnet blasting, hand or power brushing and needle gunning, paint or coating application using air spray, airless spray, brush or roller application to piping, ducting, storage tanks, structural steel, equipment, machinery, process vessels, towers, marine structures.

Our Quality Control monitoring and reporting includes existing coating identification and component analysis, Wet Film Thickness (WFT), Dry Film Thickness (DFT), Substrate Temperature Monitoring, Visual Inspection, Plural Component Equipment Monitoring, Dry Film Hardness Testing, Dry Film Adhesion Testing, Holiday Testing, etc.

Industrial Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning & Treatment
Acid cleaning of equipment and Pickling
Specialty cleaning
Oil wells Down Hole treatment
Water treatment and analysis

Hydro blasting
Low Pressure
High Pressure
Ultra High Pressure

Environmental Services Oil Recovery
Sludge handling and treatment
Bio-Remediation Environmental consultancy
Pre-commissioning Services

Industrial Vacuum Services
Liquid and or Solid
Hazardous waste handling
De-sludging services
Catalyst Handling services

Diving and Marine Services.


Chemical Cleaning :

Chemical cleaning efficiently removes residual oils, corrosion products, water hardness deposits, and other foulants from industrial process equipment.  Passivation, a form of chemical cleaning, also reduces future fouling and corrosion. 

Before process equipment is placed into service, ISCO ’s pre-operational cleaning can remove mill scale, rust, and other foulants and passivate the system. Compared to mechanical cleaning methods, chemical cleaning can significantly reduce downtime.  ISCO’s highly trained; experienced chemical cleaning crews are equipped with well-designed and –maintained equipment to ensure timely completion of conventional and non-reactive chemical cleaning projects in refineries, Petro-chemical plants and other industrial facilities. They are supported by a laboratory that helps identify effective cleaning methods that are safe for the plant’s equipment.

Hydro blasting and High Pressure Washing 

ISCO water a large and diverse fleet of Hydro blasting equipment designed to safely and efficiently remove fouling and deposits that routinely build up in industrial process equipment. 
We use this equipment to clean deposits from exchangers, towers and vessels, lines and sewers, and contaminated surfaces. Additionally, water and aggregate are combined to Hydro-cut steel, concrete, and refractory. In many cases, automated tooling is combined with the Hydro blasting unit to enhance cleaning efficiency and labour productivity. In-house manufacturing facilities are available to design and develop new cleaning accessories.  Our state-of-the-art Equipment includes:
Drain and sewer cleaning units with pressures up to 2,500 psi
10,000-psi units with volume capacities from 5 to 250 gpm;
40,000-psi units;
Proprietary equipment for environmentally safe, soft-abrasive cleaning.

Vacuum Services

Vacuum services efficiently remove liquids and sludges from sumps, drains, ponds, and other containers for transport. We have skilled operators and well-maintained vacuum equipment to provide vacuum services safely, efficiently, on schedule. 

Our experienced, highly trained personnel provide vacuum services for a wide range of industries ISCO is equipped and permitted to handle both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. 

Pre-commissioning Services

By applying our variety of industrial cleaning methods as appropriate to industrial process equipment before it is placed into service, ISCO is able to remove extraneous materials that may impede efficient startup and operation of the plant. This includes removing grease, oils, chemical residues, foulants, corrosion, and other materials that may adversely affect plant performance.

In addition, chemical cleaning can be an efficient method for passivating the process equipment to reduce corrosion before the unit goes into service and fouling and corrosion once it is in service.

Environmental and Bio-Remediation

ISCO offers a wide variety of treatment options for a broad variety of inorganic liquids and solids. Treatment methods employed include: 

1 Industrial Wastewater Treatment 
2 Acid/base Neutralization/Precipitation Reduction/Oxidation 
3 Chemical Deactivation 
4 Cyanide Destruction 
5 Dewatering for Volume Reduction Stabilization/Solidification
Metals Recovery 

ISCO offers a full line of bio-remediation products and services including site assessments and evaluations, soil sampling and testing, remediation construction, microbe inoculation, soil amendments, site monitoring, and follow-up testing  

Diving and Marine

Services of fully equipped and qualified diving teams trained to carry out   underwater    survey,    inspection, maintenance, installation,   repair, salvage,   cutting   and   welding plus undertaking, on a turnkey basis.

Divers are certified to commercial standards and are checked as medically fit for their work   at the proscribed intervals.  International  standards,  with regard to operating procedures  and  maintenance  routines  on  diving  and  marine  equipment,  are  fully complied with and certification and insurance’s are maintained up to date.
Our range of Diving and Marine services include : 

Non-Destructive Testing
Underwater Video and Photography
Site Surveys , Inspection Reports
Anode Installations , Cathodic Protection Installation
Pipe Cutting Pipeline Burial Pipeline Installation/Repair
Pipeline Location Riser Installation/Repair
Subsea Assembly Installation
Underwater Welding  Salvage

Our Facilities:

Sheet Metal Fabrication Workshop
10,000 Sq. Mtr. (Open Yard) for Blasting & Painting activities.
8,000 Sq. Mtr. (Open area) for the storage of Scaffolding materials
Paint Booth

Materials handled:

Hot & cold Insulation materials
Fireproofing materials
Refractory Castable materials
Blasting materials
Wrapping & coating materials

Our Major Machineries :

Air Compressor
Auto Blasting machine
Paint Booth
Grooving, Rolling, Folding machines
Fireproofing Spray Machine
Guniting machine
Blasting & Painting machines

Our Major Strengths:

Design & Erection of Scaffolding for Heat Exchangers, Vertical Vessels, Equipments, Columns, etc. as per BS 5973 Standard.
Blasting, wrapping & protective coating of pipes, structural steel items
Thermal Insulation & weather proofing jacketing of process pipes & equipments
Fireproofing of pipes, equipments, vessel skirts, etc.
Refractory, Guniting, Casting, Ramming, Brick-lining, etc.


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