ISCO maintains a large fleet of equipment such as cranes, generators, compressors, welding machines, NDT equipment, painting and insulation equipment, scaffolding, porta-cabins and offices etc. that are typically required for any critical construction and maintenance activities. A detailed list of equipment and machinery owned by ISCO can be furnished on request. We also have an in house site establishment team for mobilization and demobilization of site facilities.

Office and Camp Facilities

ISCO office is located at, Junction of roads MA1 & MA 10, Western Sector (Mina Abdullah), Shuaiba Industrial Area (½ kilometer west of the Fahaheel Expressway across from KNPC Mina Abdullah Refinery/ EQUATE Petrochemicals plant). The total area of ISCO Premises is 35,179 Sq. M. ISCO has Camps for various categories of workers at different Locations which can accommodate 3000 people. The camps are equipped with adequate recreational and medical facilities.


ISCO employment policies and systems radiate from a single principle - we believe in people. People are our most valued asset - our core strength. Employees gain a level of freedom, which provides security, satisfaction and most importantly a sense of professional fulfillment.

The current staff of ISCO include Project Management, Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction Management, Operations and Maintenance personnel possessing a wide range of management engineering talents consisting of:

  • Engineering and Construction (Project Managers, Engineers, Estimators, Designers,
            Construction Managers, Field                 Personnel etc.)
  • Heavy Engineering (Production, Design, Planning, Scheduling, Shop Floor personnel)
  • QA/QC and NDT Services (Engineers, NDT Inspectors, NDT Technicians, Supervisors)
  • Specialised and Associated Services (Scaffolders, Insulators, Blasters, Painters etc.)
  • Centralized Services (Planning & Resources, Administrative Affairs, Finance & Accounts)
  • Corporate Quality Management
  • Health & Safety Personnel.

ISCO is a 100% Kuwaiti owned company, fully committed to an active Kuwaitisation program in lines with the policies of the State of Kuwait. A policy has been developed to employ and retain young Kuwaitis and support them in gaining the necessary experience to make them technically competent. Once the trainees have gained experience working at the craft level, they are regularly evaluated in terms of taking one or more skilled jobs /more responsibility and if found suitable progress to the foreman and supervisory level within the company.

Information System And Information Technology

ERP System

ISCO has implemented a state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package for the integrated management of businesses as a whole, known as “ORION”. ORION is an Oracle based package, designed to model and automate many of ISCO’s basic processes, with the goal of integrating information across the company and eliminating complex, expensive links between computer systems that were never meant to talk to each other.
ORION incorporates the following systems:

  • General Ledger and Budgeting
  • Account Receivables/Payables Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Trading
  • Project Costing Module
  • IT Infrastructure & Security Systems
  • Human Resources Management System
  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environment System

ISCO have their own specialised team for In-House support, Development & Enhancement of the information system.

The MIS & IT Group has a communications network set-up for speedy internal and external communications. The IT resources available with the Business Units are inter-linked with each other through LAN, thus try to achieve Virtual Single Office Operation. There are more than 200 workstations connected across diversified geographic locations (Head Office & Project Sites). The network backbone at ISCO is supported by fiber optic campus area network and it is supported by a Wireless Internet. network security elements deployed Firewalls, VPN Gateways, Intrusion Detection Systems, etc

Other Services:

In Addition to the above, we also have the following services/systems:

  • Visit Visa Terminal
  • Vehicle Tracking System

Data Center

The servers are administered & maintained in ISCO Head Office Data Center, which include, database servers, file servers, application & web servers, e-mail (exchange) servers, DNS servers, etc.