Operation & Maintenance

With a resource base of more than 6,000 operations and maintenance professionals, ISCO provides innovative performance and cost cutting solutions to plants and facilities.

We serve a wide range of industries including oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, power and water desalination. Operations and maintenance is a natural complement to our extremely successful engineering, procurement, and construction business. We assist our customers at any point during their facilities’ life cycle. For over 37 years, we have designed our services around the integrated supply needs that our customers face in complex industries.

We offer fully-integrated facility services such as:

  • Facilities Management & Engineering
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Maintenance Technologies
  • Plant Operations
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Utility Systems Maint. / Ops
  • Mechanical / Electrical / HVAC
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Craft Labour / Supervision
  • Consulting Services
  • Technical Field Services
  • Training
  • Procurement
ISCO is capable of mobilizing skilled personnel to carry out the turnaround & shutdown maintenance activities of various refineries, power plants & petrochemical plants in Kuwait, which include maintenance of power plants, condensers, desalination plant, hydroblasting & chemical cleaning, all in accordance to the governmental regulations. ISCO carries such works considering the critical paths through micro planning depending upon the complexity of works, to ensure on-time completion.

ISCO’s O&M team works closely with both the project’s and operating company’s management to develop facility-specific, integrated O&M policies, procedures, support programs, process and equipment configurations.

Additionally, O&M management services provide field-based personnel for object driven performance goals, such as commissioning and start-up assistance, operator/ craft skills-level training, O&M program effectiveness audits, facility and equipment condition assessments, shutdown and turnaround planning.

We develop and document, with client participation and management by-in, work practices, standards for equipment descriptions, determine equipment and process dependency relationships, criticality and failure codes, work tasks, performance reporting requirements, etc. These include services such as:

Major Pump Overhauling

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on large pumps like Boiler feed pump, Brine re-circulation pumps, sea water pumps etc. in power ratings from 1 to 5 MW for more than 15 years.

Our specialized crew carries out necessary inspection, disassembly, repair and reassembly of vertical and horizontal pumps based on the reference to manufacturer’s detailed procedure.

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on large forced draft fans, gas re-circulation fans and other type of fans used in the power station.

ISCO owns and maintains a large fleet of equipment/ machinery such as cranes, generators, compressors, welding machines, NDT equipment, painting and insulation equipment, scaffolding, porta-cabins and offices etc. that are typically required for any critical construction and maintenance activities.

Boiler pressure parts & chemical cleaning

ISCO is having experience of inspection, repair, welding, testing etc. of boiler pressure parts and other high pressure components with pressure ranging up to 160 bars. We have vast experience of acid cleaning inside surface of pressure parts of large utility boilers either by circulation system or soaking method. ISCO is qualified and has carried out these activities for their different Chemical Cleaning & Mechanical Maintenance Contracts at different power stations. We have skilled and trained personnel required for chemical cleaning of large utility boilers (200-540 t/h) and large heat exchangers.

Steam Turbine

ISCO is having experience of maintenance and overhaul work on higher steam turbines ranging from 120-300 MW.

Gas Turbine

ISCO has wide experience in handling maintenance and overhauls of gas turbines upto 85 MW. ISCO has experienced crew who carries out all the necessary reconditioning activities required for diaphragms, blades, thrust bearings, LP & HP casing etc. with its own workshop facilities, and obtains client’s approval as and when required.

Our specialized crew carries out the necessary inspection, disassembly, repair and reassembly of vertical and horizontal pumps based on the reference to manufacturer’s detailed procedure.

Hydraulic coupling

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on large Hydraulic couplings in power ratings of 1-5 MW. Our maintenance crew carries out the bevel gear reconditioning & shaft sleeve etc. with our own workshop facilities

Sea water cleaning plants and chlorination system

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on large Sea water screening plants and chlorination system. Our crew carries out necessary activities for sheet piles, pipe piles and skimmer walls, stop logs, trash racks, travelling screens, sea water inlet piping, outlet piping, culvert and condenser outlet piping, common bay and fore-bays etc.

Chimney & duct

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ cleaning work on flue ducts inside chimneys in height ranges up to 190 meters.

Heat exchangers & condensers

ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on heat exchangers like titanium tube/ plate condensers; high and low pressure shell and tube heat exchangers, condenser tube cleaning system etc.


ISCO is having experience of maintenance/ overhaul work on special and ordinary valves like turbine main steam control valve, attemperators, other control valves, dampers, gate globe, check, ball and other common types of valves.

ISCO is having splendid experience of Instrumentation & Control maintenance work on large steam boilers, especially in Power & Water Distillation Station. ISCO carried out the above mentioned activity at M/s PIC (Petrochemical Industries Company) and M/s Joint Operations (Kuwait Oil Co. & Saudi Arabian Texaco) in Kuwait for various equipment.

Safety instrumentation system for Boiler

  • Burner Management System
  • Boiler Protection System

Safety instrumentation system for Turbine

  • Turbine Protection System

System integration activities

Detailed survey and listing of type of signals for input output (I/O) of the system.

  • Integration of field inputs to the I/O modules by proper identification and termination of AI, AO, DI, DO, RTD / mV signals.
  • Loop checking of control system from field and control cabinets

Instrumentation erection activities

  • Distributed control system marshalling cabinet, modules cabinets, controller cabinets, networking cabinets installation.
  • Proper cable dressing, tagging, termination at marshalling, I/O modules as per cable schedule laying/ testing of network/ fibre optic cables.
  • Distributed control system human machine interface installation, interfacing.
  • Commissioning of all field instruments and control system.
  • PLC installation, testing, loop checking and commissioning.

Routine inspection of system healthiness

Routine inspection of system healthiness (to monitor the system key parameters), defect maintenance of control system (activities were planned according to daily defect record by operation department), annual maintenance of control system (planned maintenance activities to carry over trouble shooting which requires unit shutdown) and emergency maintenance (unplanned trouble shooting to carryover the work within timeframe to avoid delay in unit start-up).

Other activities

  • Maintaining, testing, calibration, fault finding and commissioning of control systems.
  • Maintenance of Boiler and Turbine protection system based on hierarchy architecture comprising of function group control (FGC) as used in large thermal power stations.
  • Checking, calibration and tuning of ‘analogue and digital control’ module cards such as analogue, digital (input/ output modules), controller, power supply, temperature RTD/ mV modules, timer modules, amplifier modules and sequence relay modules etc.
  • Checking, fault finding and calibration of Turbine supervisory systems which includes speed differential expansion, eccentricity, axial position and thrust control circuits and their associated activities.
  • Maintenance of ‘Gas and Water Analyzer’ as used in large thermal power stations.

ISCO commands excellent reputation with our major clients like MEW, Refineries and Civil Aviation for electrical maintenance & operation activities. ISCO has provided service for maintenance, testing and commissioning of HT, MV and LV panels, switch gears and transformers of different makes, type and capacities. Apart from this, the division has well experienced team of protection engineers for testing and calibration of different type of protection relays. The division has sufficient resources in regard to manpower and various types of testing equipments required for executing these jobs according to time bound job schedule prepared by well experienced site engineers.

Regarding overhauling, rewinding, testing, commissioning and allied works required for all types of HT and LT vertical and horizontal motors, the division has successfully completed a number of contracts with different power stations and the team performance is well accepted among our clients. Cable laying, re-routing, cable cracking and termination, cable jointing etc. are included in the services of ISCO. ISCO provides experienced and qualified profession for overhauling and maintenance of electrical switchgears, related auxiliaries, battery banks, UPS etc.

ISCO is capable of deputing skilled/ technical task force to carry out the tank maintenance and repair works for their various Clients in Kuwait.

ISCO provides maintenance and associated services to a variety of industries on a regional basis. Our strength resides in our proven expertise, innovation, technology systems, and in the execution ability of our workforce-craft, technical, service and management.

Our teams are fully integrated with our clients’ needs, serving them as an extension of their organization. We measure our performance based on our clients’ performance results.

Our key services also include blind-to-blind exchanger services including tube bundle isolation, removal, cleaning, repair and reinsertion. These include and are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive boiler services
  • Small capital construction
  • Cyclone repairs and replacements
  • Demolition and decommissioning
  • Drum and vessel repairs
  • Electrical & Instrumentation construction and installation
  • Heater and boiler repairs
  • Project management
  • Power plant outage services
  • Re-tubing and repair
  • Shop and field fabrication & installation
  • Specialty welding
  • Tower and exchanger services
  • Turnaround and shutdown services
  • Welding Services


  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Retrofitting and revamping
  • Repair/ replacement of boiler tubing, furnace tubing, super heater and economizer coils and headers
  • Refurbishment of boiler drums, vessels etc
  • Maintenance of heat exchangers, boiler rotary equipment, MOVs

Steam Turbines: Capacity from 150 MW to 300 MW of Toshiba or MHI make

  • Overhauling and maintenance of auxiliary systems
  • Maintenance of relevant instrumentation and control systems
  • Major revamp and upgrade of distillation units, rotary equipment, sea water intake facilities

ISCO has well qualified team of engineers and technicians to carry the following maintenance activities in Refineries/ Petrochemical Plants:

  • Shut down
  • Emergency
  • Revamping
  • LTSA
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Marine services


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