Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Over the years ISCO has taken several significant & Strategic projects such as KNPC - Local Marketing Terminal / Pipe Line, Inter Refinery Transfer Pipe Line, KOC - EPC for replacement of Flares to smokeless flares at various GCs, Air Separation Plant, Ethylene Cracking Furnace Project for Equate Petrochemicals and currently executing key strategic projects such as EPC for water management project for KOC, Clean Fuel Projects for KNPC and several others

ISCO adheres to a strict regimen of established project control procedures. ISCO believes emphasis must be placed on the adequate and complete definition of the project scope of work.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Project Procedures
  • Man-hour and Cost Budgets
  • Deliverables
  • Detailed Schedule
  • Work Sequencing
  • Progress Measurement
It is the policy of ISCO to provide an automated system to accurately report the status of all projects to management and clients.

All progress reports will,

  • Provide an executive summary of highlights and accomplishments
  • Identify any changes to the scope of work, project schedule and budget
  • Highlight areas of concern and actions required
  • Present a narrative regarding the project status
  • Present a forecast for the next reporting period
  • Work Include updated cost report, project schedule, and procurement status
  • Progress Measurement
ISCO’s project procedure manual is a key document for project control:

  • Define the scope of work and project objectives
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of all project participants
  • Establish procedures for progress measurement and reporting
  • Identify procedural methods for the dissemination of information
  • Identify the standards and specifications during the execution
  • Define work instructions and checking procedures for quality and safety
Project cost control is applied for the companywide systems to ensure the completion of a project within the assigned budget.
Our systems have two principal objectives:

  • To control costs in such a manner that they are kept within the budget and time limits of the client approved appropriation.
  • To analyse, forecast and report cost information monthly in a manner which presents a current and concise picture of project costs to operating and corporate management, as well as the client.
ISCO utilizes Primavera, Microsoft Project and other scheduling software as a tool to meet the projects scheduling requirements. ISCO adheres to a three level schedule classification system:

  • Level 1 – Detailed Task Schedule
  • Level 2 – Summary Task Schedule
  • Level 3 – Major Milestone Schedule
ISCO has experienced purchasing staff that are skilled in obtaining the best value for the money for our Clients.All equipment and materials are procured from approved vendors on ISCO’s Qualified Vendor List and Clients Vendors List.

ISCO has material controllers responsible for receiving, checking, storing, issuing and maintaining records for both ISCO and Client’ purchased materials and equipment.

Proper Material Handling such as the movements and handling of materials are practiced by our experienced team, who ensure the effective movement and storage of the materials with minimum effort, maximum safety and in the shortest time.
  • ISCO believes that each project is important no matter how small or complex a project may be.
  • Overall constructability, maintainability, and operability processes will be the responsibility of the project manager supported by a full time project construction manager.
  • The entire ISCO project management team works closely with the Client during the planning stages to reduce overall costs and produce the highest quality product.
  • Hydro testing and flushing.
  • Air blowing and dryout.
  • Steam blowing.
  • Nitrogen purging.


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  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various piping and pipeline works which includes materials such as CS, AS, SS & GRE/RTRP in above ground and underground locations.
  • Design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment.
  • Heavy lift erection, major & minor mechanical plant installation including static, rotary & package units such as pumps, turbines, compressors, skids, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers etc.
  • Industrial Firefighting and HVAC Works.


  • Design and construction of various foundations for all type of static & rotary equipment, pipe rack, pipe bridges and pipe supports.
  • Design, supply, fabrication and installation of equipment platforms, pipe bridges, pipe rack, pipe supports, etc.
  • Construction of all types of building for control room, sub-stations, process and utility stations.
  • Infrastructure development works such as roads, culverts, drainages, grading & filling, fencing and landscaping.


  • Switchgears, transformers, motors, electrical cable systems.
  • Supply and Installation of Heat tracing system.
  • Heat shrink ends termination and splicing.
  • Installation and calibration of smart transmitters, level instruments, tank gauging system, mass flow meter, control valves, MOVs, safety valves and various analyzers.
  • ESD, DCS & PLC systems.

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